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We deliver real business results
through a client-centered approach to technology and branding.

Web Design & Development

An effective and well designed website has the potential to transform your business. Zarvilla Technologies has a track record of delivering creativity and professionalism that work and excel in website design and development. We offer a range of website design services, from initial design to development into a responsive, attractive, secured, optimised and user friendly website.



CMS Design & Development

A Content Management System (CMS) enables you to add and edit the content of your website easily and efficiently. Thus eliminating many web maintenance costs. This differs to the traditional ‘static’ website that relies on web programming knowledge to make changes to your website. The Zarvilla Web Content Management (ZWCM) is designed to give you control over large or complex websites.

Ecommerce Website Solutions

Consumers love the web. They want to buy, they want to sell and they want to make every kind of transaction from the comfort of their keyboard. To cope with the online demand you need a dedicated eCommerce solution. Consumers have to feel secure, they have to find the process easy and slick and they have to be treated by your website like the precious customers that they are.
There’s more to eCommerce than on-screen shopping carts. If it’s designed properly, an online system can make buying your products an easy and satisfying experience. All our systems are Firewalled and administration access is limited to the data centres where they are located and our own offices.

Visual Branding

Who are you as a business? It’s an important question. If you don’t know, your potential customers won’t know either. To build a strong customer base, enjoy repeat business and benefit from great customer engagement, it’s time to get serious about defining your brand and building your brand identity.
Businesses aren’t faceless any more. With the rise of social media, it’s become more important than ever to know what you’re all about and to present a strong, memorable personality to your public.

Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing is the future. The impact of the internet on the sales and purchase of products and services is overwhelming. We deploy state-of-the-art digital marketing strategies that are Targeted, Measurable and Effective. Our digital marketing services can help you for various purposes; from attracting new customers to engaging and retaining existing ones.

App Development

The appetite for mobile apps is enormous. Every single month users worldwide download a jaw-dropping 1.6 billion apps from the Apple App Store, Android Market and Blackberry’s App World1. That’s a lot of very busy fingers and thumbs – and a lot of opportunity for ambitious businesses.
Developing an app isn’t about having the latest trendy marketing tool. It’s about providing value to your customers and return on investment for your business. Usability and usefulness should be at the heart of any mobile app development project – along with a keen understanding of the demographics involved. Just ask our clever mobile app developers.