Just like most stories have a beginning, a middle and an ending – most website designs incorporate a similar building block approach with the header area acting as the beginning, the webpages acting as the middle and the footer as the ending. Of course with the bespoke and custom designs that we offer you can choose any type of layout and design that may not include all of these elements. But here we take a look at why these building blocks are so popular across custom website designs within many different industries and business sizes.

Header Area
As the name implies, the header area of a web design occupies the very top of a website. It is mostly used for navigation and may feature tabs and links to bring the user to different areas of the website. Most header sections also remain the same across each webpage so that it acts as a constant navigational anchor across the entire website. On mobile devices, the tabs in the header area usually collapse into what is known as a hamburger menu. Tapping on this expands out the navigational options for mobile users to tap on and explore. Custom website design allows you to completely change or repurpose the header area to fit in with your ideal vision for your website. This features a header that is rendered to appear on the left-hand side of the page running for the entire length of the page.

Webpage Area
In between the header and footer areas is where webpages reside. As a client, your imagination is really allowed to run wild with your web design here. Whatever colours, fonts, images, videos, animations, graphics and more can be added to your webpages in any size and layout of your choosing with custom website design. There is no rulebook so to speak, so you can let the Zarvilla team know what you would like and we can design and build this into a reality for you. We will of course advise on the best way to render certain elements so that they do not impact on the overall user experience (UX) and website speed. But overall the main body of each custom website design can be completely unique and built the way you want it. This is a great way to stand out from your competition and have a website optimised from the inside out to assist with making conversions and retaining loyal customers to your business.

Footer Area
The footer area in web design usually appears at the very end of each webpage. Quite like the header area in many respects, the footer mostly remains the same across each webpage too. With bespoke website design, it is up to you what you want to include in the footer area (or if you even want a footer as part of your website at all). It is a popular area for navigational links. But rather than the main area of your website being listed here, some more technical aspects such as the sitemap and privacy policy for example may appear hear. The footer is also a great area to include social media links and even a sign-up form to add people your mailing list(s).

Most website designs feature the header, webpage and footer areas as they are universal elements which assist website visitors with navigation, content interaction and in making conversions. However with custom and bespoke website design that Zarvilla offer to you, you can choose to either have these elements designed and built exactly as you want them to appear or you may opt not to have them as part of your website at all. Bespoke website design is custom and unique to you and your vision. Let us know what you dream website is and we will make this into a reality for you.

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