Testimonials from clients and customers are an essential element to include within your website. This is because they attest to your skills, products and services and reaffirm what your website content relays to your visitors about your business. Here we look at some ways to incorporate reviews and testimonials within your website design to punctuate your content with positive affirmations.

Utilise a Testimonials Page
It is a good idea to collate your reviews and testimonials on a single webpage within your website. When you make a sale or close a deal with a client, ask them kindly if they would be willing to provide your business with a testimonial. A simple and effective way to do this is by setting up an auto-responder e-mail to send to those who purchase a product from your online store for example. Collect these reviews and add them to your webpage. With this, your business website now has a dedicated space whereby visitors can browse and read the positive experiences that past clients have had with your business. This can really help to assure them that yours is a business worth working with.

Punctuate your Website Content
Some reviews you receive will be longer than others and these can be best suited to the webpage as detailed above. However some of the more shorter and succinct testimonials can be used to punctuate your website content. For example if you are a bakery and have a webpage dedicated to event catering, use a relevant review in between blocks of text and image content. To make this stand out, perhaps put the review itself in italics and make sure to use quotation marks. Include the name of the person who left this review (make sure you have their permission to do so beforehand) and if they are from a business, include their position. This may look like this once complete:

“We are so glad to have chosen The Castery Sugar Bakery to cater our Christmas party. The delicious food was commented upon by everyone and was a highlight of the night. Thank you!” – A. Davis, Managing Director of Feather & Sons Jewellers

This addition to the catering webpage adds a suitable gravitas and puts a real weight behind the words and images used within your webpage. It shows that your business means what it states and has success in doing so as evidenced by the testimonial.

Implement a Slider
To keep a constant stream of positive testimonials on your website, implementing a slider can be an effective way to achieve this. This can be set to provide visitors with multiple, changing reviews and testimonials. When placed next to products that you sell online, it can assist in making conversions by showcasing the positive aspects of both your products and business. It showcases reviews and ratings from customers (via Trustpilot) to reaffirm everything that is stated on the London Pass website.

Make sure to utilise reviews, ratings and testimonials all throughout your website. These are worth their weight in gold to help make conversions and assist in the overall positive brand image that every business should aim to portray. Utilise a potent combination of a dedicated webpage, punctuated content and even a slider to highlight how your business is worthwhile for your customers and clients to engage with.

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