When selling products online, it is not enough to simply have items listed for sale within your online store. Stellar content and design must surround these products to entice website visitors to add them to the shopping cart and purchase them. Here we outlay how content and design elements greatly assist with making conversions on online stores and eCommerce websites.

High quality imagery should be your first port of call when looking to sell products online. Focus on showcasing both the aesthetic and functional features of products by having images which are clear and display different angles of products. For each image that you use, make sure that the relevant alt text (this should match the keywords / terms that you are targeting) is added. Videos are also useful here to show a product in use and to zoom in on specific features that may be worth highlighting. To minimise the lag on loading times that many high quality images can cause; consider compressing them using lossless compression to retain the high quality sheen while reducing the dense file size.

Many online shops and eCommerce websites can fall into the trap of having too much duplicated written content on each of their product pages. While each product description may be different, the likes of delivery, shipping and returns information may all be the same. If this is true for each and every product page on a website that is designed to sell products online; this is a serious case of duplicated content is use on tens or even hundreds of webpages. To counteract this negative SEO trait, make single pages for the likes of delivery information etc. and add links to these pages within each product page. Now make sure that each individual product description has a minimum of three-hundred words. By also weaving your chosen keywords and terms into these words, you actively assist the SEO score of each of your product description pages. With these SEO elements (and more) in place, potential visitors may reach these pages as landing pages when searching for particular products online.

As a premier web agency in Lagos, Zarvilla design content rich, custom interfaces and designs for your online shop and eCommerce website to help your business to successfully sell products online. We have developed an expert user experience (UX) which feeds into each and every one of our custom website designs. By optimising the content and design elements of your website, we ensure to deliver you a stunning custom website both on time and on budget that will provide your website with stunning results.

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